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Boca Grande Anchorage

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Anchorages near Boca Grande

Anchorage Map

The Boca Grande area has the only anchorages with any kind of protection between the Key West area and the Dry Tortugas. In addition there are many wrecks, fishing and diving spots in the area. Click here for a full size map.

Mullet Banks Anchorage

Mullet Banks anchorage is between Boca Grande Key and Mullet Banks near the entrance to a channel to the back country. There is protection from the prevailing winds.

Boca Grande Anchorage

Further along the same channel, Boca Grande achorage is protected by shallow banks in all directions.

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Mangroves, salt-tolerant trees that proliferate in shallow water, have a submerged root system that serve as a breeding ground and nursery for numerous marine species that migrate to the reef and on to the North Atlantic ocean. The mangroves also provide a nesting area for a large variety of birds. In addition, they also produce nutrients for a food source as well as stabilizing the shoreline by trapping debris and silt in their root systems.